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Squarez Deluxe

Squarez Deluxe started out as simply "Squarez" on a Commodore 64. That project was abandoned for the PC version, which was released without a publisher in 1992. After Jetpack was released, I took a month to completely rewrite Squarez and redo all the graphics. The amount of art was small enough that I did it all myself without it coming out too shabby. Squarez deluxe is very popular among the puzzle / strategy game crowd. Many people complained about missing sleep and marital problems because of their Squarez addiction.

Hint: The trick to get high scores is to increase the multiplier, a lot like the multiplier on a pinball game. Also, try to move the divider as far from your territory as possible to give you more room to maneuver.

Squarez Basic Mode

Don't surround yourself with yourself, move on back to Squarez

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If you have trouble installing, try searching the web for help on "WinZip".

Download Squarez Deluxe FREEWARE (includes Jetpack)

Jetpack was rewritten before it was released, and there is an early version that is pretty amusing. Squarez was released as shareware before Squarez Deluxe came along. These early version are available to download as a novelty!

Download the early versions of Jetpack & Squarez

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