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Jetpack was an immediate hit when it was released in 1993, and a cult following grew internationally. I received a ton of mail and submissions by people creating their own jetpack levels. The built in level editor is one of the most popular features - over 1000 levels have been created. Some teachers bought Jetpack because they considered the editor to be educational, encouraging their students' creativity.

Jetpack was the top selling game for both publishers that carried it (Software Creations and Impulse Games). Jetpack runs fine on an 8086, and surprisingly well on today's computers!

The Jetpack Level Editor

Work Those Leg Muscles

Montezuma's Revenge

Programmer art!


NOTE: You'll probably need to download DosBox to get Jetpack running correctly in Windows.

Download Jetpack FREEWARE (includes Squarez)

The Jetpack Hintbook contains solutions and screenshots to all 100 levels in the game. It took forever to write. The manual is pretty nice too.

View or download the official illustrated Jetpack Hintbook and Jetpack Manual

Jetpack was rewritten before it was released, and there is an early version that is pretty amusing. Squarez was released as shareware before Squarez Deluxe came along. These early version are available to download as a novelty!

Download the early versions of Jetpack & Squarez

Free Jetpack Levels

To use these levels, unzip them directly into your "/JETPACK/LEVELS" folder. You can play them by selecting "custom" from the main menu, or by loading them in the editor. Have fun!

Top Picks

The Cursed Temple (2004-08-27)
Try the first new level created by the author in 10 years!
Original levels from Christmas Jetpack (10 levels)
Note: To play with the Christmas graphics, run JSwitch.exe and select the graphics module!
Super Mario Graphics Module (2007-01-23)
Try playing Jetpack in Mushroom Kingdom!
Haunted Mansion (13 levels)
Huge Level Pack by Edo Nzurrone (81 levels)
Goldquest (22 levels)
Castlevania Jetpack (22 levels)
Level Pack by Patricia Bosch (15 levels)


Gold X by Kleber H. Sato (47 levels)
MegaMan by Kleber H. Sato (10 levels)
Mario Jetpack (21 levels)
Gold Search by Leonardo Matos (24 levels)

Level Packs

TOM Levels by Thomas Bateman (10 levels)
Second Level Pack by Edo Nzurrone (71 levels)
Eric's Party Levels (104 levels)
PRA Series (47 levels)
Bobz Adventures (86 levels)
Huge level pack by "Bob", with a new graphics module, and several demos (333 levels)
Massive Level Pack by Alain Pilikian, Gilles Pilloud, and Michael Bedini (182 levels)
Huge collection by Alberto Garcia (300 levels)

Jetpack Web Sites

DobaySoft's Jetpack Corner
Jetpack on Abandonia
Harbuckle's Jetpack Levels
Impossibly Difficult Levels
Zandor12's Den

FarragoNet Jetpack Hints
Jay's Jetpack Site (Dutch)
Saga-Games (German)
The Jetpack Public Bank

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